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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Screams keep me awake, the echoes of screams long since trailed away. I'll never ever forget remembrance day.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Make me..

Patronize me,
Tell me just how useless i am because of my differences,
tear away what ever is left that anyone would consider individual.
Make me a carbon copy by applying stereotype or explanation.
Make me who i am, like i am everyone else,
I am not anyone else.

Criticize me,
Tell me how imperfect i am,
How little i do for the world,
How stupid i am.
Tell me that i'm the worst whose walked.
Have i hurt anybody?
If i have then make me who i despise,
I Love Being Me.

Tell lies to me,
Make me think what you've always hoped,
Bring your ego to the forefront, Vanity close behind,
hidden behind only a thin veil of smug happiness.
You've beaten me, i have no reply,
but i have so much to say.

Cry to me,
Tell me your sorrow,
expecting sympathetic recognition.
For your out of ammunition,
You're head without cognition.
Make me a shoulder to cry on, But i'll never support you.


I may be naive but i know things. I know that i've lived too long quiet about who i am, and my friends.. most of them.. dont know a crucial piece, a small one but a crucial one :P SO i've decided upon a master plan on how to tell my friends i like both genders. This master plan is an age old concept,a game thats beenw ith us since our children were young'uns. This game is truth or dare, wish me luck :] I Need Luck.

I want to Know...

You put a dog in the desert he starves,
you put a mouse in the ocean she drowns.
Yet we put people, of all kinds in one place.
Trying stubbornly for the way to make them the same,
though what is truly equal in sameness?
Is it more equal than stereotypical slurs,
spat from the mouths of racist, sexist, phobics.
I want to know, if we all integrate, can we be equal,
or would we constantly seek to be different.
I want to know, if women are equal,
why are they seen as smarter, superior, maniacal,
When men are supposedly simple and foolish.
And why this could possibly put us on different scales.
I want to know why a man of different belief has to fight to be the same,
is it spite, a common need or envy.
I want to know why equality is being the same,
instead of understood difference.
I want to know why i care so much, why it eats at my heart and mind,
why people cannot be equal, no matter what we do.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Am Me

I am Not Yellow,
I am Not Blue,
I am Not mellow,
I am Not You,
I am Green.
I am Me.
I hope you are to :]


This poem means everything to me, Please Comment

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Cleansing Fire

Breathing fire
upon the world.
Bending pages, rending lives,
tearing souls from their resting places.
Breathing Fire.

Playing with Fire,
a dangerous decent into a kingdom of unhappiness.
A place where you lose yourself
and everything you thought you cared about
But you never did, because if you did, you really wouldn't be
Playing with Fire.

Engulfed in Flame,
a game you never chose to enter,
one to which you were never invited,
But you're there, forever.
In this Neverending game
Engulfed in Flame.

Bleeding fire,
it runs in your veins, resembles your hair
its just always there.
You Bleed it, you seethe it,
it follows you wherever you run.
It taunts you, in its darkest form it flaunts to you
the most orange of flames reminiscent in every vision of yourself.
No matter what you do you're very image will forever be,
Bleeding Fire.

Cleansing fire,
its supposed to cure all that ails you
but instead it simply fails too.
Like all other things it just makes you feel darker
weak, limp, afraid..
The Fire is forever you're greatest fear,
because it reminds you of all you wish was not there,
the world that hides behind the veil you keep so tightly drawn about yourself
and the world that hides so neatly behind the veil sealed forever by one final power,
The Cleansing Fire.

God doesn't hide behind the heavens, if he exists at all he is with us
he is not quiet, he is not simple, he is not merciful
he is taut, and strict, he is justice,
he is Fire. He is Death. He is Life, He is resurrection. The beginning, the end.
But he is not I, he is not the living, nor is he the dead,
he simply watches, waits and eventually.. claims us.
He is the in-between, the one who seeks and finds, but never lives and never dies,
He is;
Cleansing Fire, Bleeding Fire, Engulfed in Flame, he plays with fire and Breathes Fire upon us.

And we are the ashes and the timber,
we await his touch, as logs awaiting the caressing flame of a fireplace
and once he finds us, we fall apart, we cripple, we end..
We are Ashes, we are what he has touched.. if he exists at all..
and i think he does.. just not as you hope he would be.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

As Long as you Love

I am A Frog, far from a prince
but your kiss makes me believe otherwise
you bring my heart beating in a distinguished disguise.

I am A Frog, nowhere near a lord
But your love makes me think in other ways
bringing my smile stretching for many coming days.

I am a frog, and you are the princess
your infatuation a pure confusion to me
But i'll never leave you, though thou dost be a fool
to believe that i could be more than a fly catching tool.

As long as you Love, i will feel like a prince
able to rise forth on every coming sunrise
smiling sweetly in my regal guise.

As long as you love, i will rise as a lord
a heart as strong and courageous as a lions roar
a Life much greater than ever Before.
i Love You :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Secret Light

Bleeding moonlight, seeping deep
dripping quietly from nighttime pores as we sleep
A thousand rays of unnamed light
Fall when our eyes cannot hold sight.
But when we wake our rest is done
the light, still hidden, is finally gone.

Teasing and taunting us while we cannot know
as we wonder hopelessly how it would show
how it would shine its vision to our eyes,
beckoning with a glorious surprise.

How can we even know it exists?
A secret light, draped heavily in mists.
How could we even trust the ideas its brought?
When for it so many wars have been fought.

Simple fact, it isn't there
its a lie to bring our existence a fear.
Not all will renounce the non-existent light,
for to do so would cause the dependent mind a fright,
an agony unheard of rational minds
to take away such belief would far from be kind.

Let sleep exist for those who believe
those who in that darkness weave
the tales so fabled and yet untrue
what pain could it bring to you?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Lump in my throat

A lump in my throat, lays there for you
i wish i could be there, calm your sadness, still your tears
Put back the pieces with superglue
Push back all of your fears.

A Lump in my throat, cuz things haven't been right
You deserve a lot more than this, than the cards you've been dealt
i wish i could stand by you in your battles, help you fight
so i could just know that my efforts have helped

Just a tiny bit..

The Lump in my throat is foreign to me
usually i'd just sit here and cry
i wish i could comfort you, somehow.. maybe?
But instead i have to sit here, on the other side of the world,
as you die on the inside.
To Bekki

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The masked stares upon a raven in a rainy sky

The Raven Named Ryan
Soars woefully through the sky
Depressed and feels like crying
But he's too afraid to die.

The rain of Bex
Falls mournfully from the sky
Grabbing to anything, a continuous annex
When shes too afraid to die.

The mask of Chels
Staring hopefully toward the sky
While many people pass, to her there is nobody else
And shes not afraid to die.

Pain tears through all of us, but we constantly prevail
The world a violent master
But never do we fail
in delivering our duties, protecting our lives
Join us together so we may finally be satisfied.
ohh myy :P Boredom does bring good things too.. right? i hope..?
and VERY long titles :P